This is the first post in my personal domain, I always wanted to blog in my own website by postponed for some reason or the other (too lazy to build my own website).

I like blogging as it keeps track of stuff and see how much I have grown both personally and technically.

I wrote my first blog in my first year of undergrad, although started with super-motivated intentions, I wasn’t able to blog much but I did blog whenever I could. Looking back, I can see how much interest and curiosity I had to learn new things and explore them. This helps me keep moving forward and enjoy the process rather than going after a never-ending goal.

Now that I finally made the move, I intend to blog more often and share my learnings as I will graduate soon and enter the coporate world being a full time software engineer.

I am optimistic about this new chapter in my life and hopefully it will be just as fun and interesting as my journey has been so far.